Rube Goldberg 21st Century Challenge


Santa Fe’s Roosevelt's Rube Rough Riders have been busy creating a system of pullies, ramps and levers for the 21st Century Challenge Rube Goldberg competition- named for a cartoonist and engineer famous for humorous drawings of overly complex machines that perform simple tasks.

Students study designs on their own time and on weekends; they construct their simple machines after school and during lunch; then, they link them together. When the devices are finished, the students will videotape them in operation and explain each participant’s role for a panel of judges.

The students incorporate scientific principals based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and apply them directly to their simple machine. The Santa Fe Coyotes are excited to share what they have created at the culminating event at the end of April.  

Judges will review the videos on Thursday, April 12, assessing each team’s use of everyday items, design, construction quality, artistic elements, reliability, humor and message. Winners will be honored at a special event on Thursday, April 26.