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History with Hepner

Welcome to History with Hepner,

7th World History and 8th U.S. History 


Course Objectives:  To prepare students to master Common Core Standards and pass both district and state mandated benchmarks and assessments.  


Suggested Materials for class 

  • 2 Composition Books for taking (Cornell Style) notes Interactive Notebook 
  • Glue Sticks, Yellow highlighter and a red pen 
  • Pencil, colored pencils, markers and/or crayons (for use at home) 


 Grading Policy:  Grades will consist of the following:   

  •  100  points  Worksheets, notes, participation, summaries and Book work  
  •  500  points  Sectional quizzes, projects and pass and “AR” test (A single 3 point biography or historical fiction book every 6 weeks)  
  •  1000 points  Chapter, Study Island, and Benchmark assessments  


Homework: Students are expected to record their assignments in their Agenda daily and to refer to EDMODO. All assignments need to be complete (using complete sentences, proper spelling and grammar) and are due at the beginning of the period of the date specified. 


Classroom Rules: 

  • Be Respectful-respect others and their property, feelings, opinions and listen when others are speaking. 
  • Be Prepared-Be on time, with your needed materials and utilize your AGENDA 
  • Be Safe-Follow classroom and school rules 
  • Cheating is not allowed. Copying work from another student is unacceptable and you will receive an ODR. 
  • Plagiarism is considered cheating. 


Absences: If a student has an excused absence they will have one day for each day they were absent to turn in missed work. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for missed assignments and to arrange make up work and assessments. 


Communication: Check your child’s AGENDA daily and EDMODO as well as, their grades weekly on Illuminate to stay informed of their assignments and progress. 


Please remember that I want all students to succeed, if you need additional support it is your responsibility to share this with me.  *I am available daily before school and after school. 6th period prep. The best way to contact me is through email – Tmhepner425@bpusd.net  


EDMODO codes- 7th       34bjjk             8th grade 9axjtv